You’re Not Broken!… 
You’ve just created a mind-body pattern that’s no longer working for you!
I’ve created this course to help men heal from porn addiction, masturbation-mind, and the related dysfunctions, including porn induced erectile dysfunction (P.I.E.D.), inability to get or stay hard, and inability to climax without the use of porn or masturbation.

I saw the need for it, because so many men in my world have come to me struggling with these issues. I knew it was time to take the shame and taboo that this topic is shrouded in, and chuck it out the window! This is a real problem, and I want to provide real solutions for those who are ready to heal.

Hi! I’m Mercedes Terrell, I’m a certified life coach, and I’ve had several years of experience working on my own traumas and addictions, as well as working with men to help them reach their full potential.

One of porn addictions most insidious factors is the way it creates a mind-body relationship that doesn’t translate into the real world. 

Both the mental and physical patterning that come from habitual porn use can and usually do cause problems getting and maintaining an erection, reaching orgasm, and objectifying or “pornifying” romantic partners, all of which can cause strife within relationships, can lead to depression and anxiety, and just an overall feeling of lack, anger, or fear about how to overcome this issue.

It’s more common than you might imagine, and its also something you can change if you want to. 

I built this course as a tool for beginning to unwind the mind-body memory that you’ve been creating, that’s keeping you from experiencing the sensation and orgasmic pleasure you desire WITHOUT needing to use porn or self-stimulation to get there. 

So, if you’re ready to curate a new mind-body story… One that’s in alignment with what your current desires are... 
Let's Begin!
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